Living Leadership



Leadership lives inside every human being. It is the essence of our soul voice; what is compellingly true, and must be lived out loud.  Leadership may be lived by walking an elder across the street, taking food to a starving city, getting ourselves out of bed when we have no strength left, or staying in bed because we have no strength left.

There is no judgement in leadership, yet we dare to have an opinion.

Leadership is personal; it must be personal in order for our beliefs to be important enough to sustain us as human beings when we are faced with adversity.

Living leadership begins when you first learn what it means to lead yourself. It’s not about getting it right, it’s about exercising awareness of personal integrity and self management of ego. Then, wherever you choose to lead, whether it be in your family, community, country, or globally, you will be living from your personal greatness, because the leading is being lived by who you are…and there is nothing more glorious than that.

Andrea Willets, CPCC


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