I have been feeling so many different emotions, and as I wrestle with this presidential election outcome, what I am realizing after witnessing this entire year of presidential campaigning is that w…

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I have been feeling so many different emotions, and as I wrestle with this presidential election outcome, what I am realizing after witnessing this entire year of presidential campaigning is that whatever the outcome was to reveal, we the people are being summoned to show up, create the change we want to see in this country, and not be idle in our desired outcomes. There is no doubt that this country as a whole has not been satisfied with the governing of our nation for a long time…having money be at the heart of motivation and sabotage….too many suffering, the middle class disappearing, feeling minimized, and treated unfairly triggers personal fear and desperation. It would have been tremendous to have a Woman President, my heart’s desire, BUT this is not the only feat to accomplish at this time in history, to create the balance and sensibility in our political house and our own homes. President Obama talks about Uniting, and I hear this as if it is for the very first time…really take in what this means; WE- me and you, meet in this larger place of a collected and United people. We need each other, even as we disagree, we need each other more than ever…. there is a deep gaping wound in this country and it has been here for a long time. I believe the only way to heal is to Gather and Unite, not divide. More will be revealed, and as it is revealed, WE are being summoned to show up and stay, NO MATTER WHAT, and contribute more energetically and intentionally to our desired outcomes, to not just vote and then leave it to the elected President to fix and lead and make things right. THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN. They don’t have the power, the Government does. We have to take responsibility, get involved, be educated, and dare to take action for the Greater Good, everyday, not every 4 years. We’ve fought hard for democracy, and yet we don’t take advantage of our rights, we have become complacent. Maybe we need to be reminded of our constitutional rights, maybe some of us don’t even know what that truly means, or how it is meant to serve our people. The real work has just begun, and I am committing to being mindful and respectful in relationship with all of you. I am reminded of Rumi’s wisdom, “Beyond right and wrong, there is a field, and I will meet you there.” And with all of that being shared, I am praying, weeping really, for all the hurt that has been hurled during this campaign year, because it has been this platform that has unleashed the unspoken pain and fear of people. It all needed to come out, and it came out in a big heaping hurtfilled mess. But I know, that I am so much stronger being a part of all of you, and need you all more than you could ever know, because I’m not alone with my own pain and uncertainty.

Living Leadership



Leadership lives inside every human being. It is the essence of our soul voice; what is compellingly true, and must be lived out loud.  Leadership may be lived by walking an elder across the street, taking food to a starving city, getting ourselves out of bed when we have no strength left, or staying in bed because we have no strength left.

There is no judgement in leadership, yet we dare to have an opinion.

Leadership is personal; it must be personal in order for our beliefs to be important enough to sustain us as human beings when we are faced with adversity.

Living leadership begins when you first learn what it means to lead yourself. It’s not about getting it right, it’s about exercising awareness of personal integrity and self management of ego. Then, wherever you choose to lead, whether it be in your family, community, country, or globally, you will be living from your personal greatness, because the leading is being lived by who you are…and there is nothing more glorious than that.

Andrea Willets, CPCC

Sorry, No More!


My calling is about helping a woman to remember who she is underneath the story of her life.  I guide her to her deepest self.  This place is her soul voice.

I wrote this poem several years ago and continue to pull it out as an inspiration for a one woman show I perform called Sorry, No More!

I’m Sorry for

Not doing enough, doing too much,

Not being enough, being too much.

I’m Sorry for

Being too young, too old,

Too fat, too skinny.

I’m sorry for

Being beautiful, bold, silent, sexy,

Wild, quiet, smart, shy, intuitive,


I’m Sorry for

My health, my cancer, my wealth, my poverty,

My pregnancy, infertility,

My PMS, all my femaleness.

I’m Sorry for

The inconvenience of my neediness,

Over sensitivity, my weakness is raw.

I’m sorry for

My vulnerability,

To love, hate, leave it bleeding on the floor.


Stop…be still in all of it.

I’ve made my self so small.

I surrender.

I lay down my shame, I surrender.

The real tragedy, I have wasted so much of my time being sorry…

Sorry, No More.

Mother Tree

Her limbs are burdened with winters white bounty.

It seems it happened overnight.

Her feather weight friends still eating the food she once held out for them proudly.


Her toes gripping the frozen earth,

Fear of toppling over…

Crashing into her daughter’s life,

A sharp snapping sound,

A jagged tearing of chilling reality,

A broken heart.


What is left?

A wide open gash of sky.

It should be blue but is grey.

White bones blowing broken, 

By a lifetime of sun, rain and ice.


Wind rattles her soul free…

She is a gust of Winter’s storm.

She is a wisp of light in the dark corner of

Her daughter’s life.


She is gone.