Sorry, No More!


My calling is about helping a woman to remember who she is underneath the story of her life.  I guide her to her deepest self.  This place is her soul voice.

I wrote this poem several years ago and continue to pull it out as an inspiration for a one woman show I perform called Sorry, No More!

I’m Sorry for

Not doing enough, doing too much,

Not being enough, being too much.

I’m Sorry for

Being too young, too old,

Too fat, too skinny.

I’m sorry for

Being beautiful, bold, silent, sexy,

Wild, quiet, smart, shy, intuitive,


I’m Sorry for

My health, my cancer, my wealth, my poverty,

My pregnancy, infertility,

My PMS, all my femaleness.

I’m Sorry for

The inconvenience of my neediness,

Over sensitivity, my weakness is raw.

I’m sorry for

My vulnerability,

To love, hate, leave it bleeding on the floor.


Stop…be still in all of it.

I’ve made my self so small.

I surrender.

I lay down my shame, I surrender.

The real tragedy, I have wasted so much of my time being sorry…

Sorry, No More.